Internet Phone Service

All plans feature:
  • Free outgoing SIP calls.
  • Free calls to other Future Nine phone numbers.
  • USA Number Porting (LNP) available. ($20 one-time fee applies)
  • Enhanced VoiceMail with your incoming number.
  • Residential and SOHO use OK on all plans.
  • Heavy business use allowed on PAYG only.
  • Store, Park, or Forward your number anywhere in the world.
  • Forward your calls to a failover number when your internet connection is down.
  • We can set your outgoing CID to any number you own (by request).
  • OUTGOING Caller ID Name is available in most larger cities.
  • Free INCOMING Caller ID Name.

Pay As You Go

  • Month-to-Month Price: FREE
  • US & Canada: starting from 1 cent/min
  • US Number: $6/mo $5/mo ($5 setup)
  • Free INCOMING Minutes: 2000
  • Incoming Caller ID Name: FREE

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Bare Essentials

  • Month-to-Month Price: $7/month
  • Free outgoing US & Canada: 250 min/mo
  • US Phone Number: FREE
  • Free INCOMING Minutes: 2000
  • Yearly Discounted Price: $75/year

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America Free

  • Month-to-Month Price: $13.5/month
  • Free out US & Canada: 2000 min/mo
  • US Phone Number: FREE
  • Free INCOMING Minutes:2000
  • Yearly Price: $135/year

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Number Parking

  • Porting fee: $20 (one-time)
  • Monthly Price in NY/CA/PA/VA/WV/DE/MD: $1/month
  • Monthly Price in all other States: $3/month
  • Forwarding: Global, regular rates
  • Use coupon code PARKING in the Special Requests field of the Number Porting screen.

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Deep-Discount Numbers

  • Monthly Price: $2/mo ($5 setup)
  • Free Incoming Minutes: 5000
  • Forwarding: Global, regular rates
  • Available only in: NY/CA/PA/VA/WV/DE/MD
  • Use coupon code DDN in the Special Requests field of the Number Order form.

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America Free Rebate

  • Same as the regular AF plan
  • Available only in: NY/CA/PA/VA/WV/DE/MD
  • Available only for: new phone numbers
  • Yearly Discounted Price: $100/year
  • Purchase the $135 plan, then use the Contact link to request a $35 rebate

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